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Product Description

Healthier pet food starts with automated production systems from RBS

Better is Baked in

Let RBS take your pet food operation to a new, healthier level with our fully automated system solutions. For baked kibble, we offer a completely automated production line including batch or continuous mixing, baking and drying equipment, and rotary moulded, extruded and wirecut forming options.

Baked pet kibble has been gaining popularity worldwide. While the baked process is more expensive per kg and has lower throughputs than high pressure extrusion, pet owner’s humanization of their pets and positive consumer perceptions of baked products are the key factors driving this growth. Baked kibble also provides an opportunity for producers to innovate within the markets they serve, and baked product profit margins are generally higher than most high pressure extruded products.

The production process of baked kibble differs from high pressure extrusion in various key aspects. To learn more about these differences and the key elements of successful baked kibble production systems, please contact us to request our detailed technical paper on this topic.

Baked Pet Kibble Systems
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